Hearing loss is fundamentally a communication problem as a result of a decrease in sensitivity to sounds that are normally heard.

Hearing loss usually begins unnoticed. On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about it. Too few people make a timely decision to take active steps to recover their hearing and increase their quality of life.

One in seven people in the UK suffer from hearing loss to some degree, that’s over 7.5 million people, of which 50% are over the age of 60. Studies show that as people lose their hearing, they are more prone to depression; they withdraw socially and communicate less with family and friends. This comes as no surprise – after all, you can’t participate in conversation if you can’t hear what’s being said!

Hearing Aid Demostration

Adults can have problems with their hearing from any age, but hearing loss does become more common as we get older. Hearing loss can occur gradually over time and those affected may not realise that their hearing has deteriorated significantly.

If you notice several of the following signs, you should consider taking a hearing test:

  • Do you feel that people who speak to you are mumbling?
  • Do family or friends complain that you have the TV too loud?
  • Does your significant other complain that you do not hear what she/he says?
  • Do family and friends say that they have to constantly repeat themselves?
  • Do you struggle to follow conversation in noisy environments like restaurants, parties, family gatherings?
  • Do you avoid social gatherings because it’s an effort to focus and engage in conversation?
  • Do others have to shout at you to attract your attention, even if they are quite near to you?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing someone speak behind you from behind or from another room?
  • Do you find it difficult to follow lectures, plays at the theatre or talks at religious gatherings?
  • Do you have problems hearing clearly on the telephone? l Do you avoid using the telephone because it is requires too much effort to follow what’s being said?
  • Are you not hearing the telephone ring or the sound of your doorbell?
  • Do you have difficulty determining the direction of someone’s voice?
  • Is it difficult for you to locate where sound is coming from in the environment?

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