Why treat a hearing loss?

why treat hearing loss

On average, people wait 7-10 years after becoming aware of their hearing loss to do something about it. Considering the detrimental effect hearing loss has on quality of life, this far too long to wait. If hearing problems are diagnosed early, appropriate support and treatment can be provided, but common misconceptions often stop people from going to see an audiologist when they first notice their hearing has deteriorated.

For example, some people think that there is nothing that can be done for their hearing loss, when in fact nearly all people with hearing loss can make strides with hearing aids thanks to technological advances. Or they may be embarrassed about wearing hearing aids, without realising how discreet today’s hearings aids are.

With these myths put to rest, read below to learn about the benefits of early treatment for hearing loss.


If you have hearing loss, you may find your spouse or other family members get annoyed at you for watching television at a high volume, or they get upset that you are ignoring things they say, when really you just can’t hear them. This can lead to strain on your relationships, especially if you deny you have hearing loss or refuse to seek help.

Also, communication is key to helping you deepen your relationship with others, strengthen your identity and improve teamwork, decision making, and problem solving. Hearing loss inhibits your ability to communicate effectively, which can lead to loneliness and social isolation.

Mental Fatigue

Untreated hearing loss can be exhausting. The extra mental effort needed to understand words, keep track of who is speaking or locate where a sound is coming from can leave you feeling very tired. A hearing aid will help to restore the sounds you are missing, which will help reduce mental fatigue.

Hearing loss and mental health

A recent study has identified a link between the degree of hearing loss and the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, compared to those with normal hearing. Hearing loss is also strongly associated with an increased rate of cognitive decline and depression.

Prevention and early diagnosis of hearing loss can significantly reduce the impacts of hearing loss, including social isolation and mental health conditions. Therefore, if you think you have hearing loss it is important to seek treatment for your hearing as soon as possible so you can become socially engaged once again and experience an improvement in your quality of life.


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